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Whether you require an LCD projector or DLP data projector, small portable or 15,000 lumen brightness large venue projector, HD projector or 3D projector, Metrocom Audio Visual can help.

We can determine with you what your projector rental or sales requirements will be. From our extensive rental inventory, we can provide ultra portable LCD projectors to large venue LCD projectors or DLP projectors capable of filling screens over 30 feet wide, and everything in between.

Projector resolutions and technology are constantly moving forward. If purchasing a projector is better for you, then Metrocom Audio Visual can help you determine what the right projector will be.

From a sales perspective, selecting the right projection solution is an involved process that requires the expertise of knowledgeable sales staff like Metrocom’s. One of the most common mistakes is that when a client purchases a projector from a “big box store” or department store chain in order to save a few bucks, other costs can creep in. For example, a so-called “deal” might start costing more than the original projector, as replacement lamps alone can be the equivalent price of an entry projector.

Another issue might be a client purchasing a projector to mount on the ceiling from a big box store, but don’t know about the specific requirements of a ceiling projector. At Metrocom Audio Visual, we sell Eiki, the best-selling brand of low maintenance self-advancing air filter systems and anti-dust and anti-smoke projectors. Clogged air filters are the number one cause of projector failure, and the staff at Metrocom Audio Visiual will insure that we will save you the cost of a projector replacement down the road by selling you the best projector for your needs first.

Metrocom Audio Visual has been offering projection solutions since LCD and DLP projectors first arrived on the audio visual scene. We sell and rent leading brands such as Eiki, Sanyo, Nec, Epson, Infocus ,and Canon. We are the industry leaders!

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