Have you thought about renting an HD video wall to show off your latest product, presentation, or film? They work great in tight situations where a projector simply won’t work, but you need to show a video presentation to a large audience. We have had numerous calls asking about how to rent a jumbotron-like grid of LCD TVs to create a giant display for an upcoming Toronto tradeshow or party. We’re happy to provide this system to create an impressive moving backdrop that captivates an audience and creates a unique creative environment for any space.

The system is quick and easy to install with a scalable design that goes from a simple 4′ x 8′ grid configuration, all the way up to an impressive 10 x 16 feet to truly create a wall of video in less than 2 hours! It can connect to any laptop, iPad, camera, DVD player through most standard display and video connectors.

Think you have an idea on how to use this for your next event? We’d love to hear from you.