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Are you planning a holiday party and want to make sure it’s not just great, but amazing?You need to make sure you’ve got the right audiovisual equipment. If you’re not familiar with AV equipment, don’t worry! We’ve created a checklist with all of the equipment you’ll need to have a memorable holiday party – read on to learn more.

 The Right Sound System

The first step to a fantastic shindig is finding the right sound system for your needs. How do you go about doing that?

Your AV equipment rental company will help you with this. Tell them how many people you’re expecting, where you’re planning on holding the event and what type of music you’ll be playing. They’ll select speakers that won’t overpower the audience, but will still allow everyone to hear the music and announcements clearly.

The team at your AV equipment rental company will also pick out things like subwoofers, to bring out all the nuances of the music. They’ll even find speaker stands at the perfect height so everyone will be able to enjoy what you’re playing.

A Projector System

Do you want to show a presentation or movie? Maybe you just want to screen important announcements. In either case, a projector system would be a great addition to your party.

Again, your AV equipment rental company is your best resource. Tell them how big the room is, how big your screen is and what kind of content you plan to show. They can help you find the right projector to meet your needs.


Lighting can set a mood. No holiday party is complete without the right lighting system!

You don’t have to have a huge budget for your holiday party to rent lighting for it. There are many affordable lighting options such as LED lights. They add just the right touch to any event.

If it’s your company’s holiday party, the AV equipment rental firm can light the venue with your business’ colours. Do you really want your brand to stand out? A Gobo light (which is a metal stencil placed over a bulb) with your company’s logo is an easy way to do just that!

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