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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Make sure that when you give someone a gift this year, you give them exactly what they want, especially if they’re not expecting it.


Without decent lighting, any camera has difficulty capturing good-looking shots. No matter what kind of camera you have, if you’re shooting in bad light, at best you could get weird shadows or at worst you could lose an entire image to darkness. A camera’s built-in flash might help in this case, but that has the tendency to wash out an image, or worse, bounce off an unexpectedly reflective surface and ruin the shot.

Or it could make your subject blink, and throw off the whole picture. By using a continuous LED light to provide bright, even lighting on your subjects, you can avoid any unexpected flares or glares that throw you off and avoid startling your model. It’s essentially a flashlight that attaches to your camera, rather than giving a sudden burst of light like a standard flash.

great light for this is the Flashpoint 126 LED On Camera Light. Whatever you’re shooting, be it photography or video, a continuous LED light is a better alternative than a flash; turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you don’t.

WhiteWall Online Photo Lab

Surprise your favorite photographer by printing out their best shots, with the help of a German photo lab that produces large, high quality prints for galleries around the world. The Berlin-based photo lab WhiteWall has been making beautiful, professional-quality prints in its Cologne lab for many years, and now you can get your own photos printed in their phenomenal quality.

It may not make the front page of Time, but it can certainly qualify for your hallway. Weddings, family gatherings, even your favorite pet, can now be immortalized on a wide manner of materials, from museum-like canvas to metal and even acrylic glass. WhiteWall will even provide a sample kit containing the different materials so you can decide what would work best for you.

The Live Video Camera Drone

Surprise someone with a flying camera drone that sends live video to your smartphone, even if you’re nearly a mile away. The drone is easier to fly than most RC planes, using an autonomous system to manage its propellers and a 3-axis gimbal system to stabilize its built-in camera, so you can focus on recording what’s going on around you.

With a 110° field of vision and up to 35° of tilt flexibility, you can now chase birds, explore a hidden side to your city, or just immortalize special moments like weddings or family gatherings from above. The built-in camera takes pictures at 4384 x 3288 pixel resolution and records video at 1080p HD, and saves both onto an included 4 GB microSD card, as well as livestreaming what’s happening on your smartphone, letting you keep track of where the drone may be heading.

Why Not Try Renting Before You Buy?

Before taking the plunge on today’s new (and expensive) technology, why not rent to try it out?

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