The Best TVs to Buy on Black Friday

With the legendary Black Friday sales looming, it’s time to start deciding what you want to buy. The sales will include video games, TVs, computers and much, much more, and Black Friday is not a time for lazy browsing or window shopping. Come up with a plan, decide what you want and go for it. There’s too much for sale for us to cover everything, but here’s a list of the top TVs you may want to consider picking up cheap before they all get snapped up.

Samsung UE65JS9500

Samsung’s 2015 flagship uses new technologies in brightness and colour to raise the bar for LCD picture quality to a level that will blow your mind. In terms of  picture quality alone, the jump is immense, with some describing the difference in its new HDR technology to the standard HD technology as a bigger jump than the move from HD to UHD. Although broadcasts of true HDR content are still quite rare, the quality it delivers with current sources is spectacular, and once true HDR content becomes more common, viewers will get to see TV broadcasts in a quality you couldn’t even dream of.

Audio wise, it also outperforms almost everything else on the market, with crystal clear speakers providing a genuinely amazing experience.

Linsar X24-DVD

A budget option, the Linsar X24-DVD is an LCD Full HD TV that comes with a built-in DVD player and a variety of ports, including two HDMIs, a USB port, an RF tuner input, a VGA port and Bluetooth connectivity to make sure you can always hook up whatever you have with it. Despite its budget status, the audio is surprisingly clear, and can use the many connectivity options to hook up a lot of different external speaker options, including Bluetooth music players.

The standard speakers never sound distorted or overloaded even during the wildest action scenes, while voices are always clear, and the whole thing is underpinned with a surprisingly deep bass. The DVD player around the back performs solidly, as expected, and the whole thing can easily be wall-mounted for maximum visibility.

LG 55EG960V

The LG 55EG960V may well be the best TV you can buy right now. Its 4K OLED uses self-lighting pixels to give you an all-round gorgeous quality of video and images, no matter what you’re watching or its broadcast quality. The highest end video, 4K detail, is as stunning as expected, and even video broadcast n standard definition looks great. Best of all, the screen is curved slightly to cut down on reflections, which keeps the screen crystal clear no matter how many people are crowded around it to watch.

Sony KDL-32W706B

The Sony KDL-32W706B is probably the best 32 inch tv available today. It’s a great-looking 32-inch number, that comes with four HDMIs and two USB ports for maximum connectivity options. It brings a ton of versatility for the hardcore gamers out there, with clear, sharp contrasts and bright colours that really pop. Unfortunately, Its not as impressive elsewhere, especially when it comes to the audio options, but even there they are still impressive.

Try Renting a TV, Before You Buy

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