remote workers

A common complaint from remote workers is that they often feel unimportant, a “cog in a wheel” rather than an employee. By running a single webcast, you can save time by speaking with everyone at once and bring the team together, letting remote workers know that they are not just a replaceable cog in a machine.

By participating in important meetings and processes, you also add the expertise of your remote employees when you need to make important business decisions.

Connect via a Webcast

Webcasting is quickly becoming an easy way to stay in contact, especially for companies with employees who work remotely. Many companies are now forgoing conference calls in favour of webcasts, due to the difference in prices and the ease of setting one up.

Webcasts work well because they’re simple to set up, especially considering how well made most computers are today. Most computers today come with mics and webcams built into the body.

However, all you need for a webcast is a keyboard and speakers. If a viewer does not have a mic or webcam, they can still be a part of the conversation through text messaging. In fact, Steve Ellis, the president and CEO of Broadcast Pix, which produces live video production systems, says that because “the production side is getting easier and easier,” webcasting is growing.

Simple Connections

You don’t need to worry about commuting or trying to co-ordinate everyone’s schedules. Once you set a concrete date, as long as everyone has a stable internet connection, you’re good. There may be some small issues, depending on how remote some workers are, but these are easily resolved.

It’s important to note that a webcast is not the same as a conference call. According to Onstream, a webcast “is usually a large-scale event with set start and end times. It is streamed with live audio and video; has a set agenda and registration; is moderated or controlled; can attract thousands of attendees; has customized branding; is highly scalable; has extensive reporting and post-event analytics; and features social medial integration,” unlike a conference call, which is more informal and less policed.

A common complaint regarding remote workers is that it can sometimes be difficult to keep them motivated. Once more, running a webcast and giving them a sense of community could be a big help in avoiding or resolving this problem.

By running regular webcasts, you can bring remote workers into the fold and draw on their experience far more easily than by email or through conference calls.

Webcasts Can Help Bridge the Gap

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