how to webcast

Many companies are now forgoing conference calls in favour of webcasts. If we compare the cost of an operator-assisted conference call to the cost of a live audio webcast with accompanying slides and a simple web-based Q&A portal, with live chat or the ability for users to post messages, the cost difference is startling.

Costly Calls

For an operator assisted conference call, the expenses come to an average $10–$15 per caller for the live call, and any replay will run about 25 cents per minute. If we assume 12 conference calls a year, or one conference call a month, that equates to roughly $241,920. On the other hand, 12 video webcasts a year would equal $72,000, to give you a total savings of $169,920.

During a crisis in the modern world, be it stocks falling, or a PR backfire, you need to get on it as soon as possible. Trading emails, although convenient, does not lend itself well to crisis management. A conference call could work better, but again, you have to take costs into consideration. By running a webcast to outline the issues and brainstorm ideas to recover, you can do it quicker and cheaper.

Simple and Effective

All you need to partake is a computer. Even if you do not have a webcam or mic, you can still communicate through the webchat. Afterwards, users can rewatch the broadcast to check for mistakes or clarification. There’s no need to commute, and webcasts are quick and easy to set up. Rather than waiting for everyone’s schedule to coincide, a webcast can be done almost immediately, which could be difference between a win or a loss during an emergency.

If you’re dealing with some kind of crisis, it’s important to keep your head and maintain your professionalism. If your employees or stock holders see you panicking, it does not inspire confidence.

Outline what has happened, clearly and quickly, before moving into plans to fix it. After explaining what the problem is, don’t waste time going into explicit detail. By showing that you have a plan and opening the floor to suggestions, you keep on top of any panic that may arise and maintain control of the situation.

Use the Best Webcast Equipment

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