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A good conference can benefit everyone involved by providing new information and new business contacts. But how can you make your conference stand out? Here are some quick tips:

Stay on Schedule

Keep the conference structured, says Lejardin. A clear schedule and strict time limits for speakers can help conference goers schedule their time and reduce the potential for boredom. Have digital and print versions of the plans for your conference with a well-organised, visually appealing layout.

Stay Relevant

Be selective about content. If every talk prepared for your conference is highly relevant, informative, and interesting, the conference will go better than if you have more choices for what people can attend but half the talks are mediocre.

Create Success for Others

Create opportunities for socialising and networking. While learning more about your industry is valuable, everyone will get more out of the conference have a better time overall if they can get to know new people and strengthen existing connections.

As A Media Mix points out, “Social media connects you with new people but conferences bring that to life with in-person meetings.” A more casual meetup after the talks can provide everyone with an opportunity to mingle, while a lunch including some introductory activities can help those who are less gregarious.

During talks, make sure everyone is seated in a way that promotes engagement and participation. Keep everyone on an even footing. If you want a roundtable discussion, position people so they can all see each other.

You can also prompt attendees to talk to each other by breaking up large groups after or in the middle of a talk into smaller discussion groups. By giving attendees something specific to talk about related to the talk at hand, you give everyone the chance to share their knowledge and critical thinking skills while also getting to know each other.

Get creative with technology

Audiovisual props can elevate the interactivity and dynamic qualities of your talks. Incorporate more than just slideshows; videos and apps can make your conference come alive. Apps can also be good ways to coordinate and facilitate networking, digitizing business cards and providing useful information about who to look for at your event.

A good conference is about more than luck; the tips provided above should give you a good start for planning a conference that has lasting positive impacts on attendees’ business relationships and their perception of your organisation.

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