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A live show can create an energy and intimacy with the audience that no recording can produce. It also exposes your band and your crew to scrutiny, and problems will happen in full view of those you want to impress. But with the right preparation, your first live show can be an exciting and rewarding experience for all involved. Here are some important things to remember and consider before you go live:

You need to take promotion seriously

Don’t rely on the venue; they likely won’t have anywhere near the investment in your show’s success that you do. Digital Music News recommends going well beyond Facebook (though you should definitely utilise social media). Printed posters and flyers, press kits, radio mentions, and sponsorships (think wine and beer companies, for example) can all give you an edge and make your show more than a gathering for friends and family. Physical ads have the benefit of feeling personal and providing a concrete reminder to attend.

Networking isn’t just for executives

Go out and socialise before your event. This way, you increase the chances of being able to bring up your show in a conversation naturally (not being too pushy is key) and get people genuinely interested.


While you may know all of your music inside out, the way you play for a live event is going to be different. In addition to wanting to prep yourself for the inevitable nervousness, you also need to prepare for the complexities of a live performance. Soundcheck is as essential as a dress rehearsal for a play. The resolution of technical issues, better ways to arrange your set, and a stronger sense of cohesion with your entire performance team all improve things the day of.

Think About Your Image

Consider more than just your playing. Performance is about your on-stage persona, including how you dress, your expression while playing, and how you respond to the crowd. Record yourself, play in front of a mirror, or have someone watch you play to give you a sense of how you look when you are performing. If you aren’t giving enough to the crowd, your introversion could cost you your audience’s attention. Your professional image also influences how people receive your sound. Ripped jeans or velvet will guide your audience toward different interpretations of your sound.

Need to Rent a Quality Sound System for Your Live Show?

As you can see, running a live show may seem difficult, but with some careful planning, you can pull off an incredible show.  No matter which bands you book or how many people show up, nothing will be as important as a sound system that can carry the music properly.

At Metrocom Audio Visual, we’ve helped countless aspiring bands put on amazing musical shows by providing state-of-the-art sound systems and PA systems.

Learn more about our sound system rental, contact us to request a quote, and take your live shows to the next level!