The rise of remote work has been spurred by IT technology that has made it easy to connect with offices and other workplaces from nearly anywhere around the globe. Communication methods such as webcasts have reduced the importance of geographical location for labor, and has increased flexibility for both employees and employers.

Flexibility of Remote Labor

Rather than being stuck working in an office, employees have the option of working from home, a coffee shop or another relaxing environment. Employees have the option of sourcing the best talent from around the world, rather than having access to only local candidates.

When working with remote employees, you have to make sure to engage them as much as possible in order to make sure they stay motivated and on-task. One of the better ways of doing so is through webcasts that help include all members of the team in vital workplace conversations, encouraging them to contribute as a valued member of the team.

Remote Inclusion

They key to keeping remote workers happy and engaged is through inclusion. Rather than treating your remote workers as a separate team, integrating them into as many processes as possible brings everyone together. Being creative is key, as many of the typical morale-building activities you perform in an office cannot take place with a worker who is hundreds or thousands of miles away.

If you have a dinner to celebrate the success of the team, you can include your remote workers in the process by sending a gift certificate for a meal at a comparable restaurant. When rewarding individual workers, congratulate remote workers in the same way that you would laud your local employees. A certificate or a congratulatory note sent in the mail can raise the morale of your remote team considerably.

Bridging the Gap Through Webcasts

As mentioned, IT technology is the source of innovation for remote work. One of the most important communication tools are webcasts, which help both local and remote workers stay in touch. Instead of having separate meetings for local and remote employees, performing a single webcast can help save time while bringing the team together.

This helps avoid giving your remote workers the impression that they are replaceable cogs in a machine. By participating in important meetings and processes, you also add the expertise of your remote employees when you need to make important business decisions.

Use the Best Equipment

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