lighting rental for wedding

Before getting married, you need to take a lot of things into consideration while planning your wedding, from what food to offer to where the wedding and reception will be held to renting lights. Although lights are often overlooked in the planning phase, the right set of lights can turn a mundane wedding into a romantic triumph.


For the majority of couples, budget will be a factor, and many couples are forced to get creative when it comes to planning their special day. The cost of lights tends to get overlooked while discussing other costs, which can lead a few couples to overspend on lights at the last minute. Your wedding planner or florist will probably be able to recommend some they’ve worked with before. Metrocom Audio Visual offers lighting rental kits, accent lighting, stage lighting and more, at reasonable rates well within anyone’s budget.

What kind of Lighting

Deciding what kind of lighting you want depends on a variety of different factors, such as the setting of the wedding and reception and the space available. For example, an outdoors wedding might be better suited by a canopy of lights overhead, while an indoors wedding may use led lighting to evoke candles.  Talk to your light provider and wedding planner for ideas of what would work best for you. If possible, visit the site a few times before the big day, to see how both the natural and fixed lighting falls. Lights that illuminate the wrong areas can draw attention away from the center of the room, which is the opposite of what you want. People should be looking at the centre of the room, not around the fringes.


Something fun to do with lighting is using it to create pictures or words. Commemorate the occasion by monogramming the date in lights, or to illuminate the pathways between tables. Using LEDs to evoke a starry sky on the ceiling or over the dancefloor will create a beautiful and memorable scene. If dinner is in one area of the room, and dancing in another, set the dance floor apart with a colour wash. You don’t need to use candles, far safer LEDs can be used to produce the same effect.


By working closely with your designer, florist and lighting technician, you can best work out how to create a wonderful day that won’t be forgotten for a long time. Communication is key, both between you and them, and between themselves. Together, you can make something amazing.

Light & Stage Lighting Rental for Toronto, GTA & Barrie

At Metrocom Audio Visual, for over 27 years, we’ve provided audio equipment to people for their big events throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and we can help make your wedding the unforgettable evening that you envision.

For more information about our light & stage lighting rental, contact us to request a quote, and bring the party to your wedding!