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You’re enjoying a nice cold beer and watching the band set up when the bass player, your friend, motions you over.

You’re an AV guy, right? So you must know why the sound system isn’t working properly? A silence falls. You roll up your sleeves, as a single bead of sweat rolls down your face…

Whether you’re the guitar hero mentioned above or a novice recording her first vocals, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your knowledge.

Here are five myths about sound systems, debunked.

1. Capacitor mics ‘pick up too much of the room’ compared to dynamic mics

No microphone is capable of picking up only the sound coming from a single voice or instrument. Sam Inglis, writing for Sound on Sound, flatly states that there will always be reverb; it doesn’t matter whether the mic is a capacitor or a dynamic.

If you’re trying to capture a single sound source with your sound system rental, place the mic as close as possible to the source, positioning it directly at a singer or player.

The caveat: Many commonly used dynamic mics are designed specifically for use very close to the audio source, while most ‘stage capacitor’ mics are intended to be placed further away from the sound source – so they naturally pick up more of the room.

2. A close mic should be placed 3X closer to its target instrument than to any other instrument

The problem with the ‘3:1 Rule’, which is quoted as helping to reduce spillover from other instruments, is that it assumes that all the instruments are projecting their frequencies equally in all directions and are similar in volume (which they totally aren’t) and that the mics are perfectly balanced and picking up all frequencies in all directions.

Unless you’re recording in mid-air, that probably isn’t the case. So, should you abandon measuring the distances? Not entirely, but let your ears guide you in your ensemble mic-positioning decisions.

3. Professional audio equipment only ever uses balanced connections

Not true, says Hugh Robjohns. A properly set up pro studio is a controlled environment, which should negate the need for balancing altogether, but sound system rental equipment is designed unbalanced so that it works well in a number of unpredictable environments. That’s fine, because unbalanced interconnections are perfectly viable.

4. Carpets and egg cartons can be used as inexpensive acoustic insulation

Egg cartons are good at protecting eggs, but not at absorbing unwanted sound. Carpets are great for cushioning footfalls, but when placed on walls, they only absorb the highest frequencies, leaving the rest to bounce around willy-nilly. Only use proper foam or mineral wool sound insulation panels.

5. Today’s sound system rental is far more powerful than what the Beatles had

We love modern tech, but you can’t measure ‘power’ solely by the number of available digital audio and MIDI tracks, and not count the Beatles’ custom recording space, their incredibly talented engineers, and of course, the Fab Four.

Dispel all myths and ask the pros

At Metrocom Audio Visual, we know how important it is to not only find the right equipment for your needs, but to ensure that your sound system will keep the tunes pumping as long as you need them.

For over 27 years, we’ve provided audio equipment to people for their big events throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and we can help make your wedding the unforgettable evening that you envision.

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