The idea of going to rent a TV isn’t one that occurs to most people. After all, the TV you already have in your house is just fine for daily use. When it’s time to upgrade your old TV stops working, financing options, credit cards or just plain saving cash help you get a TV that you own.

However, if you’re hosting a party for the playoffs and you plan on inviting more than one or two people, the TV that you use in your living room or family room may not be sufficient. If you watch in a smaller space, you’ll also need to realize that your living room or the biggest part of the house may need to be the hub of your party just to fit everybody inside.

That’s where choosing to rent a TV can be really helpful. Renting a TV isn’t hard, but there are some things you need to know. Use this guide to help you rent the right TV for your playoff party this year.

Quality Matters

When you’re going to rent a TV for a playoff party, the best thing you can do is to rent one that comes in full HD or 4K if your budget allows. 4K is pretty much the best consumer technology out there right now, and when you’re going to rent a TV, the difference in a week’s rental may only be a few dollars.

4K really can be ideal when looking for a TV to rent for sports since many stations are now using 4K cameras for filming athletic events. After all, sports really are some of the richest visual broadcasts you’ll find on television.

Choosing the Size

When it’s time to rent a TV for your playoff party you might find that sizes are somewhat limited. Most companies simply can’t make any money renting smaller TVs, and most people don’t really want them, either. Chances are you don’t want a TV that’s standard for your playoff party.

Even if you don’t need an 80-inch TV, you should consider something over the 55-inch range for most parties in most spaces. Remember, not everybody is going to be sitting on the couch right in front of the TV.

Some people will be in the back by the party supplies, and since you’re the host, that could very well be you. You should be able to see the game pretty clearly from whatever part of the room you’re in. If you can’t, go for a bigger size.

Accessorize Wisely

If you have TV setup already, chances are you don’t need to buy accessories. However, what you may need to consider is that the volume of an average TV probably won’t carry over your party. It also won’t sound too good.

If you have a sound-bar or speakers you’re already in business, and hooking yours up to the TV you rent is easy. If you don’t have sound equipment, rent or invest in some for your party.

Where Can I Rent a TV?

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