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If you’ve ever sighed longingly as you rolled past an old-fashioned country drive-in…sigh no more: it’s not just for cottage country anymore. Even the most hardcore city dwellers can project a movie in their own backyard and host an amazing movie night that the whole family — maybe even the whole neighbourhood — won’t stop talking about. How can a neophyte backyard movie lover create an incredible outdoor film experience? It starts with a great movie – and the right projector to make it happen.

You’ll Need to Rent a Projector for Your Outdoor Movie Night

Projector technology keeps changing, so it makes sense for most people to rent a projector rather than buying one that will become obsolete faster than Ebert could give a thumbs-up. Knowing what projector to rent depends largely on how big your screen is. According to California blogger AmberLee Fawson, the bigger the screen, the higher the resolution you will need to see the movie clearly. Your projector rental rep should be able to help you choose a good HD projector and mounting system, as well as a proper sound system.

Outdoor Movie Essentials

Now that you have a projector and audio, you just need:

  • A location: Be sure to choose a spot away from street lights, that has enough room for guests. Not everyone has a backyard, so think about other places that could work, like a patio, balcony, or garage
  • A screen: Try using anything from the side of a building to a white shower curtain, heavy white paper, or canvas stretched across a pine frame
  • A computer or DVD player: If you insisted on getting a Bluray player even though your spouse thought it was a waste of money, you’re the hero now: increased resolution that didn’t make a visible difference on your TV, really shows up on a five-foot screen
  • A movie: Southern writer Adrienne Breaux says to take your crowd into consideration when picking the perfect flick; she’s thoughtfully provided a list of her favourite outdoor movies of all time.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Whether it’s going to be just you and your S.O. or half the neighbourhood, make sure you have enough folding chairs or blankets for everyone to get comfy, as well as something to keep the bugs off. Nothing goes with movies like munchies; whether splurging means Extra Butter Flavour popcorn or gourmet eats, provide enough snacks for your crowd – and enough soft light, like candles or LED lights, for everyone to see what they’re eating.

A Night to Remember

This summer, be the host with the most – the most fun backyard, that is. Call Metrocom to get started with an affordable projector rental. The rest is up to you.

Need to Rent a Quality Projector for Your Outdoor Movie Night?

As you can see, hosting the perfect outdoor movie night is not as difficult as it sounds. With the right projector, you’ll be able to host a movie night that your guests will be talking about for months if not years.

At Metrocom Audio Visual, we have different types of projectors to suit your needs.  Our customers trust our equipment and staff to take the technical concerns off of their plates, so they can focus on the myriad of other duties of hosting the perfect night.

Learn more about our projector rental, contact us to request a quote, and take your concert to the next level!