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It’s supposed to be the most important day of your life. So if wedding receptions are so incredibly important (and expensive, with the average Canadian wedding ringing in at more than $25,000, or as we like to see it, a down payment on a house) then why do some brides and grooms think they can run the show with nothing but an iPod and some speakers?

It’s shocking how many over-confident couples want to handle their wedding music themselves, without an AV rental. Far be it from us to burst your bubble, but if you are getting married and considering DJ-ing your own wedding reception, please read on to find out why you might need a sound system to get the best results for your most special day.

The “iPod Wedding” Revolution

About ten years ago, DIY weddings with an iPod  started to become a thing. People were tired of paying what they saw as exorbitant rates for a DJ to sit there on his computer all night doing nothing, while a canned digital playlist did his job. Needless to say, grooms especially became convinced they could do the job as well, or better. After all, did they not build vast playlists, learn how to program their exciting new iPods, and have experience DJ-ing at their high school dance? Now that the new technology made it possible, amateurs everywhere thought they had found a way to save and have fun at the same time, without bothering with an AV rental.

Challenges of DJ-ing a Wedding With Just an iPod

While saving money and impressing your friends are a definite plus, there are challenges to using just an iPod and speakers for your wedding music that persist even now that the tech has improved. Some of the potential drawbacks include:

  • Not being able to enjoy your own reception because you’re too busy fiddling with the playlist
  • Speakers being insufficient to properly amplify the music throughout a cavernous banquet hall
  • Difficulty managing music transitions
  • Lag time/pause between songs
  • Guests not liking your playlist
  • Possible technical malfunctions leaving your event in silence

Advice for the Determined Do-It-Yourselfer

If you are confident that you (or a trusted friend) can get the crowd as pumped as a professional DJ or live band, by all means, go for it. But the misconception that all you really need is your iPod and some desk speakers – even, dare we say, Bose – is just plain crazy. Couples who want a good result should invest in a professional AV rental, including speakers, amps, cables and at least one microphone.

Some wedding reception venues provide basic AV equipment rental as part of their package, but for better results at an affordable price, consult the audio-visual pros. Metrocom Audio Visual carries a full line of sound system rentals for your stunning event. For a wedding to remember for all the right reasons, contact Metrocom today!