sound system rental torontoAre you thinking about sound system rental in Toronto? Sound system rentals are common for large gatherings and special events. Sound systems can add a source of entertainment while giving you more control over what is played. However, there are some questions you should ask a potential rental company before committing to any equipment. These are some questions you should take with you as you browse for the right sound system.

Are speaker stands included in the rental?

Having speakers higher off the ground on stands, which are typically around shoulder height helps the sound carry farther. If these aren’t included in the rental you will want to get them. The rental place should include some, if you ask, for a small fee.

How is the System Hooked Up?

Generally, the sound system you are renting will come with a guide that shows you how to set it up. While useful, it isn’t a good idea to rely only on the guide to set up the equipment the day of the event and then find that you have questions.

Most rental places are happy to show you the basics of set up and answer any questions you have. This will help the process run much more smoothly.

Does the system have a wireless microphone?

The difference between a wireless microphone and a microphone with a cord can make the difference in sound quality. Getting the microphone farther away from the actual system will reduce the chances of having interference.

It can also make passing the microphone around the room easier and more natural– rather than making people go to the microphone to talk.

Is it a UHF or VHF wireless system?

  • VHF or Very High Frequency systems are less expensive but more likely to have interference and feedback issues.
  • UHF or Ultra High frequency systems are more professional sounding and less prone to interference.

Is the system adequate for the space?

Let the rental person know what conditions your sound system will be in and the size of the space, if applicable. Helpful information might include:

  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Number of people attending
  • Room dimensions

How are the rates calculated for sound system rentals in Toronto?

This can include questions like:

  • Do you charge a flat per day rate or is there an hourly charge for less than one day?
  • Is there a discount for multiple equipment rentals?

Can the equipment be picked up early?

For example, can the equipment be picked up late the night before?

What happens if there is a delay in returning equipment?

If you have an unexpected delay returning the equipment the day it was due back what must you do and what are the consequences?

What happens if there is damage to the equipment?

If there is an accident during your rental period, it is important to know what you will be responsible for.

Can someone be reached if we have questions about the sound system rental?

It is important to know when and if someone will be available to answer your questions and how to reach them. This information may help you determine when to set up and test your equipment.

If you are interested in sound system rental in Toronto check out what we have available and contact us with any questions you have.