dj equipment rental torontoHave you thought about doing DJ gigs even though you don’t have DJ equipment? Keep in mind that some gigs, especially weddings and corporate events can pay hundreds of dollars for having fun and playing music.

All you really have to do is rent the equipment, take out a little insurance and then use the money you earn to pay for the rental equipment.

DJ Equipment Rental Toronto

If you decide to rent DJ equipment in Toronto, make sure you use professional gear. Avoid borrowing cheap equipment from a neighbor to reduce the risk of technical difficulties during your event. When you rent from an experienced audio visual company you have the benefit of getting tips on how to make your gig run more smoothly.

Gear Needed for a Professional DJ Gig:

  • Computer
  • Mixer
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers
  • Music
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Electrical accessories (power strips, cables, tape, etc.)

Computer vs. CD Players or Turntables

There are advantages to running your music from either a computer, CD players or turntables. Computers require DJ software, but are ideal for creating continuous music programming, which can be helpful during periods of background music or engaging with the crowd.

CD players are still useful if you already have a big CD collection. Turntables are mainly used by DJs who know how to beatmix with vinyl records.

Adding Visuals

If you want to make the event extra special, consider adding a video deck, which will also require either a standard video monitor or a giant screen. Adding video allows you to charge extra money for the event. Another way to enhance your visual presentation is to add a light show that includes flashing strobe lights.

Saving Money by Renting

If you were to start from scratch and buy a full set of professional DJ gear, the equipment alone would cost thousands of dollars. On top of that, you would have to spend hundreds of dollars on music, even if you were just buying individual songs on iTunes. By renting DJ equipment one gig at a time you will be making and saving money at the same time.

DJ Equipment Rental in Toronto Questions

  • How new is the equipment?
  • How reliable is the equipment?
  • How many watts per channel are the speakers rated?
  • What are the most appropriate systems for big or small venues?
  • What happens if the equipment gets damaged?
  • When must the equipment be returned?
  • Are there deals for frequently renting equipment?

DJ Equipment Rental in Toronto Tips

  • Wireless microphones allow you to let the crowd become part of the presentation
  • Develop a preliminary playlist before arriving at the event then make adjustments
  • Ask the person paying you for a partial deposit upfront that pays for the equipment
  • Choose equipment that you are capable of lifting easily without back strain
  • Arrive at the event at least an hour early to test out the equipment
  • Make sure no one sets drinks on the DJ equipment at the party

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