DJ equipment rental

When you start DJing, you’re probably torn between DJ equipment rental and purchase. However, this can come down to which type of equipment you need and where you plan to source them from. Below are some critical items you’ll need in your repertoire, and advice on whether to rent or buy this gear:

Audio Players

The centerpiece of any DJ’s setup is the audio player. This is the most important piece of equipment you will need, so you should spend a bit of time sourcing the right player. Typically, you have three options to choose from:

  • Turntables: When you think of a DJ, you probably imagine them spinning vinyl records on a set of ‘decks’ or turntables. This is the traditional option, and though vinyl records and no longer sold, many DJs will hang on to them as the sound produced is immaculate.
  • Digital Players; The main benefit of digital players is their ability to play CDs. You will be able to fit more CDs into your bag than vinyl records, giving you the chance to choose a more eclectic range of music.
  • Laptops: Many DJs will use laptops due to their ability to play MP3 files. This makes the entire process much simpler.

Audio players can be expensive pieces to purchase, so you should consider renting this equipment to keep costs minimal.


Without these there will be no sound, making your party a bit of a flop! The kind of amp you opt for depends entirely on the venue you plan to DJ, but you also have to factor in some additional equipment:

  • Speakers: You’ll have to purchase or rent a set of speakers that work with your particular amp.  As a rule of thumb, the most important thing is to match your speaker to your amp in terms of ohms and watts.
  • Subwoofers: Subwoofers will amp up the bass from your amplifier, allowing you to play tracks that get your party going. As you won’t need a subwoofer for every venue you play, you should consider renting one as required.


Every superstar DJ needs a great pair of headphones, and you’re no different. It can get pretty hectic behind the DJ booth, so you’ll want to grab yourself a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones so you can focus entirely on the music. Additionally, good headphones will allow you to switch between audio channels so that you can line up future tracks without interrupting the current song.

Although it is more economical to opt for DJ equipment rental, this doesn’t apply to headphones. Rather, you should consider purchasing a good set that you can get comfortable with, allowing you to DJ effortlessly without interrupting of your set.

Being a DJ isn’t cheap; the equipment you must purchase to chase your dream can come at a hefty price tag. As such, you should consider DJ equipment rental when you start out, allowing you to try out different models until you find a setup that is perfect for you.