dj equipment rental

The DJ is the centerpiece of any party. DJs have rewarding jobs in that they help party goers have memorable events. If you are considering becoming a DJ, you’ll need the right tools.We’ll review the 6 pieces of equipment that every new DJ needs in order to start rockin‘ the house.

A Music Stash

The most obvious thing that a DJ needs is a source of different music. When most people think of a DJ, the first thing that comes into mind are a pair of turntables and records. DJs today are more likely to rely on a laptop with mixing software. With this setup, you’ll be able to access almost any song in existence.

Some systems come with external hard drives to increase the music storage capacity. The mixing software will help you seamlessly transition from one song to the next. Sometimes, new disc jockeys rent units with preloaded music from a dj equipment rental store.

The Headset

Another iconic piece of DJ equipment is the headphone set. Headphones are crucial to be able to listen to the next song and make sure it comes in on beat. Some DJs forgo using headphones and mix the beat according to the audio waves on the mixing software. Either way it’s a good idea to have headphones on hand.

An Audio Mixer

The next piece of essential equipment is the mixer. The mixer works to send one channel of music directly to the DJ’s headset while another song plays. Then, the DJ can properly align the songs as discussed above. Another important feature of the mixer is the crossfader. This device is what actually mixes the two tunes together. It causes one channel to lightly soften in volume while the other becomes louder.


A DJ needs to be able to communicate with his or her audience. This is where a good microphone comes in. A microphone may be purchased as a wired unit, or as a more expensive wireless model. Some DJs also use headset microphone to keep their hands free while they work. The style of microphone and price range will depend on how you intend to incorporate into your program.

An Amp

Everyone likes DJ music to be loud. DJs use sound amplifiers to bring the volume to an enjoyable level. Some more expensive speaker systems (active speakers) come with a built in amplifier. Yet, the most cost effective system is one where the speakers and amp are separate. An aspiring DJ that enjoys the convenience of active speakers but can’t afford the price tag might look into dj equipment rental.

Big Speakers

Another thing closely associated to a DJ is the speaker set. You will need to find a speaker size appropriate for your gigs. Some DJs rely on dj equipment rental to obtain the right speakers for a venue. Speaker stands and cables are also necessary. In some cases, a venue will have built in speaker systems that can be connected to the DJ’s equipment.