When you’ve got an event coming up you need to think of a few options to make sure that event is a complete success. One thing that could play a big role in the success or failure of your event is a presentation with the use of a projector. If you’ve got a large assembly and want to make sure everyone gets a feel for what you’re going over, setting up a projector is a great option and will allow you to cast a much broader net over your audience. While a projector is a great tool for many events, you have to debate your choices when it comes to utilizing a projector, chief among them being the question of purchasing versus renting.

Is Owning a Projector Truly Better Than Renting?

While you may assume that owning a projector is a great deal for anyone who is runs events, it does come with its difficulties and detractors. If you own your projector, yes it’s always there and you don’t have to worry about going out and getting one. You also don’t have to worry about making sure you’re incredibly safe with it for the sake of not causing damage and being forced to purchase or pay for repairs. The biggest downside is the investment in a product that is undoubtedly going to fall off and need to be replaced. Technology is a constantly evolving thing and any electronic device you purchase will undoubtedly become obsolete, and in many cases it happens for very quickly. As a result, buying anything that is based on electronics or technology is a losing deal, you’ll be taking a loss as they depreciate at such a speedy rate.

Renting is Much, Much Better!

Renting a projector is a much better option on many fronts, one of the primary being that you can always look to get the latest and greatest version of whatever projectors are on the market. Instead of using one that you’ve owned for the last two decades you can take advantage of the features and benefits of a projector that’s just been released. Another great benefit to rental instead of purchasing is that you typically get some type of tech assistance from whatever place you’ve decided to rent through. This is massive benefit for those of us who may be a bit less tech savvy, myself included. Not everyone knows all the ins and outs of running cables, setting up a computer for video and whatnot, having some help set it all up is a great way to get things rolling.

In the end, you’ve got options for purchasing or renting your projector and as with any situation each side has their pros and cons. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which way is better for your needs, personally I go for the rental option because I love using the newest and best items, I also love having the backup of tech support. At the end of the day the investment of owning a projector versus just renting just doesn’t seem to make sense.