3D Projection has become wildly popular in the worlds of art and commerce. The use of 3D images can re-create reality or be used to create beautiful new worlds. Viewing becomes a thrilling escape to a new reality.  Along with the creative uses of large-scale 3D projection mapping, the technology also offers everyday benefits like learning ideas or new skills easier, and safer, for less cost.

With the development of special software and projectors capable of producing 3D images, video projection mapping allows the artist to transform any object into a screen. Images can be broadcast onto a large non-traditional screen, for example, the side of a building.  This specialized software is used to spatially map a two or three-dimensional object, which mimics the surface to be projected on. Projection mapping videos combine motion graphics, 3D animation and traditional video to highlight, deconstruct, rotate and manipulate the buildings geometry.

The equipment for large-scale 3D projection mapping is not cheap. Projectors can cost upwards of $40,000. As the technology has evolved in the past few years, the price has come down considerably, and a new generation of consumer grade projectors are available in the $350 – $5000 dollar range. This has allowed businesses, schools and consumers to explore the world of 3D projection mapping.

3D Projectors

The projectors used for large-scale commercial productions are expensive. The bodies run in the $30,000 – $40,000 range with the lenses often not included and costing an additional $3000-5000. Today, there are some excellent projectors available for the home and business market that start at around $350 dollars, Some of the best include:

Optoma Model S303 – SVGA DLP Multimedia Projector $349.99

This machine is portable, offers 3000 lumens of brightness, 800X600 SVGA resolution and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It also offers a viewable screen size of from 30” – 300” inches.

BenQ W1070 – 3D DLP Projector $1000.00

The BenQ is a home theatre projector built on the bones of a business machine. Portable,     and offering stunning brightness, it has a complete set of inputs including 2 HDMI ports and SVHS.

Epson 5030Ube – 3D LCD Projector  $2899.00

Pricey at $2899 the Epson offers incredible value for the price. It offers powerful light output, stunning contrast, satisfying blacks, and impressive 3D. This machine offers a staggering 600,000:1 contrast ratio and a throw range of 9.8 to 20.9 feet.

The Best Projection Mapping Videos

Although often site specific and large scale, projection mapping videos enhance the architecture they are projected onto whether it’s the Sydney Opera House, or your home theatre screen. As the technology matures, smaller businesses and hobbyists can now experiment with this amazing technology.  Here are some examples of the top projection mapping videos out there. From a micro projection onto the petals of a flower, to a mapping of the Manhattan Bridge, these videos explore the best this technology has to offer.

As Above So Below

A team of artists mapped the Manhattan Bridge. This is a truly immersive experience for the viewer.


A super low budget production by video artist Xavier Chaissaing. The scenes where the images are viewed through the translucent petals of a flower are especially bewitching!

These are just three examples of the power of 3D projection mapping videos. As the technology continues to come of age, expect to be amazed as more businesses, artists and hobbyists begin to create amazing images!