rent speakers Toronto and GTAAre you in charge of throwing the biggest New Year’s Eve party EVER? We’re here to help. Renting speakers in Toronto or the GTA for NYE? You better book now. There’s going to be a rush of people looking to rent soon.

Here are a few other items you may need to rent, before they disappear.

Rent a TV

Will your party include a video show? Or maybe you will want to have old school music videos playing, to give the dance party a retro feel. Either way, book your TV now.

Rent a Laptop

These disappear from rental inventory in a hurry over the holidays. You may need one to run you’re A/V show at the party.

Rent an iPad

Like the laptop, these will come in very handy the day of the party. And they’re also in high demand.

Rent Stage Lighting

Booking a band for your big party? You might need to consider renting some stage lights to give the party that “big event” feel. You will need to remember to rent mics too.

If you have any questions about renting an iPad , laptop or speakers in Toronto or the GTA, please contact us any time.