Rent TV TorontoIf you’re looking to rent a large television in Toronto, you will want to make sure you get the one that suits your needs.

You probably know that the 3 types available are LED, LCD and plasma. But you may not know the difference between the 3.

A very helpful article at explains the difference as:

“In short: LCDs are inexpensive and work well in daylight, while LEDs provide truer blacks (but are more expensive). Plasmas also give truer blacks, but aren’t as good in well-lit rooms, so they’re best for dark home theaters.”

Here’s how they break down each type:

LCD: LCD (liquid crystal display)”These are the most common options on the market because the lighting works in most homes and the TVs come in any number of sizes. If you have a wide room, pay close attention to the viewing angle, as some sets may not be visible to people in the corner of a room.”

Plasma: “With no backlight, plasma doesn’t have reduced contrast when viewed from wide angles, so if you have a giant, dark living rooming or your favorite chair is in the corner of the room, plasma might be best for you.”

LED: LED (light emitting diodes) is marketing speak for LCD TVs illuminated by LED instead of CCFL. While they typically cost more than an LCD, LED powered TVs consume a little less power, so if you’re power consumption conscious, it’s the way to go.

So consider why you’re renting a TV, and the type of space you’re going to be using it in, and make your decision accordingly.

If you have any questions about renting a TV in Toronto, please contact us any time.