rent audio visual barrieMany of Canada’s up-and-coming businesses take themselves worldwide by beaming a webcast from Toronto and the GTA. Renting A/V equipment is only the first step in hosting a successful webcast.

In fact, a lot of steps go into a successful presentation. Here are some of the common mistakes people make that ruin their webcast.

You’re almost always going to be rushed in getting ready for your webcast. It’s an unfortunate truth. But always allocate every single minute you can spare to getting ready, testing equipment and preparing your speaking notes. This prevents everything from technical snafus to the occurrences of “uhm” and “hmmm” while you speak.

Technical Hiccups
You may lose your audience if you encounter audio/ visual or connectivity issues. You will lose even more people if you panic or bridge the issue with nothing but dead air.

Always assume something will go wrong and have ample content to fill in the cracks as you try to fix any issues.

Making it All About You
There’s nothing more off-putting than a company using as webcast as an excuse to talk about themselves. Be sure to offer your audience some actual value. Using your expertise to answer questions about common issues is the best way to showcase what you have to offer.

If you have any questions about hosting an amazing webcast or renting A/V equipment, please contact us any time.