TV rental Barrie GTA TorontoToday’s world is more technology-driven than ever. At some events 10 years ago, you could look like a big shot by renting a TV and making it a part of your presentation—now you might come off as unprofessional if you don’t.

Here are a few common functions, at which renting a TV or monitor is now almost a prerequisite.


This is one of the areas that has really exploded with a/v equipment in the last 10 years. Tradeshow booths in Barrie, Collingwood and the GTA are now filled with LCD, LED and plasma screens.

The only thing worse than not having interactive A/V in your booth is being located next to a booth that does.


There is no quicker way to lose the interest of your seminar participants than a lack of audio/ visual equipment. Speakers behind podiums can only hold your audience’s interest for so long.

Renting a TV and adding visual and engaging elements to a presentation goes a long way.

Appreciation Events

Whether this is for your customers or your employees, it’s important that you show your gratitude by giving participants the best experience possible. It’s also important to represent your company in the best possible way. So make sure you have the best possible equipment.

If you have any questions about renting a TV in Toronto, the GTA, or Barrie please contact us at any time.