Rent iPad barrie GTA TorontoOne of our hottest and most in-demand products for rental right now is the iPad.

Apple’s tablet is massively popular all over the world and a big hit with our clients in the GTA, Barrie and Toronto.

But why would you need to rent an iPad instead of buying one? Well, here are a few of our customers’ most popular reasons:

You’re on the fence about buying one:
Maybe you’re not sure about switching from PC to Apple. Or maybe you’re not totally sold on what it can bring to your business.

In any case, you can basically take the iPad for a test drive, and see how it fits into your needs.

A lot of our customers rent an iPad to showcase their products or services at tradeshows. It’s a more interactive way to strike up a discussion with people who visit your booth, as well as a better way to retain their information for sales leads.

A Big Meeting
An iPad can bring interactivity and control to your next big meeting. You can bring more polling, collaboration or interactivity to the proceedings, or even run your entire meeting using the apps.

If you have any questions about renting an iPad or any other form of audio/ visual equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.